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For a High Productivity of the spray booth operation which combines the very high holding capacity of the HC ANDREAEFILTERS with the high efficiency of the HE ANDREAFILTERS into a high performance filter resulting in less spray booth maintenance.

 Holding capacity up to 29 kg/m² **
 Filtration efficiency up to 99.3%**
Optimized using conditions :

Recommended air velocity : 0.25 - 1 M/S

Pressure drop at: 0.25 M/S 8 Pa
  0.5 M/S 21 Pa
  0.75 M/S 32 Pa
  1 M/S 42 Pa

Maximum recommended pressure drop : 128 Pa - possible up to 256 Pa



75cm - 8m² 90cm - 8m² 100cm - 8m²
AF741 AF941 AF141
AF743 AF943 AF143
AF742 AF942 AF142
60 60 60
Number of filters par pallet
  **depending on paint used